Brow Lamination has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brow trends of the 2020’s. We’re here to make it easy. Our kit uses a process to pull and straighten the hair upwards to create a ‘fuller’ and more defined brows.



Why would I get Brow Lamination?

- You love the 'brushed up' brow look
- You want your brows to look thicker
- You prefer the lamination option compared to painful micro blading
- You want to wake up with your brows 'brow ready' for the day

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Why the 'By Ryan' home kit?

- You love being able to do the treatment at home
- It only takes half-an-hour & you can do the treatment up to three times in ONE kit
- It's cost efficient
- It's been recommended by Brow Lovers all over Australia!

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Get those thicker, fuller, sleeker and neater brows you've always dreamt of!

What will the results look like?

Your brows will look thicker, have a 'brushed up' look, will be less unruly & will have those envy -inducing arches we all want!

Thicker, fuller, sleeker, neater!

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